Regular exercise promotes the physical well-being and longevity of your dog. Walking fosters cardiovascular health, builds muscle, and strengthens joints while keeping weight under control. The number one disease in dogs of all ages is obesity . In fact, the average life span of obese dogs is years shorter than that of their fitter and trimmer counterparts. Obesity in dogs can lead to major medical problems including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, bladder problems and many types of cancer. The weight loss benefit that comes from regular exercise can alleviate and may even help prevent many of these debilitating ailments. Attaboy recognizes that exercise requirements vary among dogs depending on breed, age, temperament, and medical limitations. We work with our dog guardians to identify a dog's individual needs and provide a walking regime aimed at optimal health benefit.


Your dog's psychological health is just as important as his physical health. Regular exercise plays a key role in your dog's mental well-being. A dog that is bored and inactive is more likely to be destructive or aggressive, and insufficient exercise can contribute to the following behavior problems:

  • Tail Chasing
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Destructiveness (chewing and digging)
  • Investigative Behavior (garbage raiding)
  • Barking



Socialization is introducing your dog to as many different environments as possible. Improper socialization can lead to fear-based aggression towards other dogs and/or adults and children. While the optimal socialization period ends at about 16 weeks old , even older dogs that were not properly socialized as puppies can benefit from a socialization strategy.