Build a strong benevolent relationship with your dog(s) using Lure/Reward Based Training techniques. Aversive training methods that use fear, force, and pain create anxious, fearful, and unhappy dogs. Such techniques undermine our efforts at building loving and trusting relationships with them. I can teach you how to train your dog to seek the rewards of good behavior. You’ll find that my reward-based training techniques are not only effective; they foster a positive and trusting relationship with your dog. Once you learn my basic training techniques, you’ll be able to use them to tackle other behavioral issues that arise throughout the years.

Early socialization and training is the best way to prevent bad behaviors from forming in the first place. The optimal socialization period for dogs is before 16 weeks old. Socialize your puppy early by exposing him to as many different situations and stimuli as possible. Make his world bigger than his back yard and house! Expose him to lots of sights, sounds, smells, and let him meet lots of other dogs and people. A well socialized puppy will grow into a calm, confident, and more trainable adult dog.

The adolescent period, from around 6 months to 2 years, can be a challenging time for any dog owner. The cute puppy that used to follow you around is now starting to explore and assert herself in new and undesirable ways. Don’t hesitate to get help. Since aggression breeds aggression, it’s important that our frustrations with our dogs during these trying times don’t translate to heavy-handed punitive action. It’s never too late to start training and help your dog move gracefully through their adolescent period.

Puppy Consultation: Thinking about getting a puppy? Learn what to do before bringing that new puppy home. In addition to helping you “puppy-proof”, crate train, and potty train, I can teach you games and early training tricks that will set your pup up for success and happiness in his new home.

Puppy Obedience: Your puppy is learning every minute it’s awake, so don’t wait for him to learn bad behaviors that require trainer intervention. Instead, teach him what behaviors you DO want. Teaching your puppy “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Leave It”, and “Take It” will help him practice patience, and can prevent unwanted behaviors like chewing, biting, and digging from developing in the first place.

Basic Obedience: No matter what age your dog is, teaching basic obedience helps you build a strong bond with your dog that is based on trust. We’ll teach your dog “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Leave It”, and “Take It”, “Wait”, and “Look” commands, as well as loose leash walking, and jumping prevention.

Behavioral Issues: Running into some serious behavioral issues? Need help? I can evaluate and address specific behavioral problems such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, and destructiveness. Don’t wait until something bad happens. Get help right away and get on the right track to solving whatever is going on with your dog.

Training Session: $75.00 per hour